Wednesday, March 31, 2010

after the party's over

a few days breathing space and quite a lot of sleep seem to have made somewhat of a difference to my state of mind - this seemed to be the general consensus of opinion among we five committee members, but really we were so amazed at just how well it all came together on the day; in other words a VERY SUCCESSFUL day.  An amazing amount of work and I really take my hat off to all the organisers of other markets.
We tried to step outside the square a little and invite makers who had not shown their "faces" too publicly to this point in time. The combination of ages, styles and produce was fantastic and we really thank all of the participants for their great feedback and patience and address those issues that were raised; we will finish EARLIER next time - Sunday JUNE 6.
We are now open to receiving expressions of interest from potential participants; and repeat offenders; we also received a lot of enquiries on the clipboard on Sunday and will address these as well.  just a reminder:,
Anyway here are a few pics; there will be more later in the week when I receive them from the photographer

more pics later.............