Monday, June 7, 2010

Our repeat offenders; it was lovely to have them join us again

Even though it was a slow day for a some of our makers, there was a lot of cheer and some great networking.  Thank goodness for our repeat offenders who helped the new makers feel right at home - 
Ruby Victoria, EraZistable, One of a Kind, Just Jude, Felicity Matthews Design, ReVisited, Tasmanian Gourmet Biscuits, Silver Nutmeg  a Golden Pear Design, Wrapt in the Far South, Deana Stuart,  & treasuresfrommynest........thinkI have left out Louise Gourlay Lamps 'n Bags so will find a pic for her

We had a lovely sponsor in Linda Brown of X'tras Direct at the Shoreline Shopping Centre offering a voucher for the best presented site; well Linda visited during the day and talked with each of the makers (incognito of course) and finally made her choice; not one but two, Courtney from "Silver Nutmeg and & Golden Pear Design", and Carmen Bernstein from "Oscar & Raban"so they shared the voucher.....thanks again Linda, I'm sure the girl's will have fun enjoying a little retail therapy.
Thanks to Debbie Winzar and Lawrie Barton-Johnson for photography

aftermarket....another one down i.e. number 2

well, we're still very much on a learning curve, but I think yesterday was "a good one" ...cold, infact bone-chilling weather, but thank goodness our trusty patrons left the warmth of their homes to come and enjoy the day with us.  There was much laughter, music and a great crowd supporting our makers (particularly the "foodies"), surprise, surprise...,,,thanks Martin, Jo & Co, Louise and Helen.
Have a look at our new makers for the day,  lovely muso's Ryan and Anna, Magoolie designs, Grandma Googie, Oscar & Raban, Rosny College Shop, Diane Brown Mosaics, Tree Swing, Claymates + Tasfudge, Tarana Tart, Rust & Co Store, Iriginals, Blossom Town Tea Caddies, Terra Fiesta, Judith Stanfield Designs, Helen Vieth Tasmania, Blessing Keys, Soewn Earth and of course our trusty (friendly) policeman on duty Steve Fry with his barbecue.
more in a minute......

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the week before

Hope you're all geared up to visit us at our second "makers"market this Sunday 6th nd enjoy the day with us.  As you can see from the pics,(these are only a taster), there will be lovely makers there ready to tend to your every desire, and there's even a small "lounging" area for you to sit and enjoy some of the lovely food on offer and of course a cup of beautiful coffee.
Our resident Club Superintendent Constable Steve Fry will have a barbecue fired up outside to welcome and tempt you. We'll also have on show the work of some talented Rosny College students, there some great up and coming talented makers there too.
We would love to have some buskers or musicians apply to come along to any of our market days, so if you're aware of anyone who might be interested just point them in the direction of our hotmail address above.

 See you there