Monday, June 7, 2010

aftermarket....another one down i.e. number 2

well, we're still very much on a learning curve, but I think yesterday was "a good one" ...cold, infact bone-chilling weather, but thank goodness our trusty patrons left the warmth of their homes to come and enjoy the day with us.  There was much laughter, music and a great crowd supporting our makers (particularly the "foodies"), surprise, surprise...,,,thanks Martin, Jo & Co, Louise and Helen.
Have a look at our new makers for the day,  lovely muso's Ryan and Anna, Magoolie designs, Grandma Googie, Oscar & Raban, Rosny College Shop, Diane Brown Mosaics, Tree Swing, Claymates + Tasfudge, Tarana Tart, Rust & Co Store, Iriginals, Blossom Town Tea Caddies, Terra Fiesta, Judith Stanfield Designs, Helen Vieth Tasmania, Blessing Keys, Soewn Earth and of course our trusty (friendly) policeman on duty Steve Fry with his barbecue.
more in a minute......