Thursday, May 27, 2010

food, fashion, "little" things, accessories, homewares, and still more

we lucky enough to have new makers in all of the areas listed above including a great new (to the market scene that is) Barista to satisfy the most discerning cafeine addicts.......beautiful greek pastries, organic body products, an award winning felt artist, just to name a few, and also some of our lovely makers from from our first market day......lets hope number two will be as successful............more next week,
Oh, in case you've forgotten its on SUNDAY JUNE 6

Monday, May 17, 2010

winter; challenge;signage;participation...,and more

well, I think it really has come on just a tad early personally, but then this was the catalyst for our request of participants; apart from getting that feeling across to all of the lovely visitors. We've decided to offer a challenge to participants for our "winter" June 6 "makers" market i.e. creating their own signage: of course there's an incentive, and I know from speaking to one of our very savvy makers it is just that - a challenge - of course much easier if a trading name is short and sweet, but for those of us with longer titles, well the proof will be in the pudding, or should that be viewing!!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

June taster

just a few images to keep the interest alive - all's well in the EastSide camp and w've just about signed off on all participants for June - there are once again new makers coming out of the woodwork and we're thrilled to have them join us....stay tuned

Monday, May 10, 2010

June "makers"market update

Well, it seems a long time since I've updated information; but rest assured we are on track and have lots of lovely makers ready and waiting to take part in our second market day on SUNDAY JUNE 6........We're notifying participants on a daily basis and will have the final notices out by the end of this week; plus more pics .  But just want to give you some info on the committee just to keep you interested, so here goes:
Robyn Davies
Having been an art teacher in a past life Robyn has moved on somewhat.
She is to be found with her beautiful collection of re-styled clothing and jewellery and her label is “Revisited” – I think that says it all as her inherent style comes through in her works – She has an amazing “stash” of all things creative and is constantly seeing new ways of adapting clothing and items of fashion.
Lauren Carpenter
"EraZistable" is a very appropriate title for Lauren and her label. Her amazing knowledge of fashion history and her ability to visualize and set a scene to fit any scenario is amazing – having been an art teacher she knows just how to get a particular effect for whatever task is at hand. Being a collector she wants the responsibility of getting rid of her “collection” and getting it out there in another format. It’s double the fun – double the vision.

Judy Walker
Just Jude” is a free spirit and fantastic basket maker and creator of wonderful clothing – she has an enviable collection of fabrics, beads and basket materials, just to name a few, to draw inspiration from. Her baskets are inspired from the environment around her and are created from a multitude of fibres.

Felicity Matthews
Felicity is a print-maker, stitcher and generally a very creative spirit – She is able to put pen to paper to capture ideas then transfer them to fabric with amazing results. Always aware of pattern and colour, she sees pattern and colour in the environment around her, whether it be leaf litter on the forest floor, seaweed on the beach or pattern on the leaves in her garden. She constantly stitching pieces of fabric, some for use in current projects, others just filed away for future use.