Wednesday, March 31, 2010

after the party's over

a few days breathing space and quite a lot of sleep seem to have made somewhat of a difference to my state of mind - this seemed to be the general consensus of opinion among we five committee members, but really we were so amazed at just how well it all came together on the day; in other words a VERY SUCCESSFUL day.  An amazing amount of work and I really take my hat off to all the organisers of other markets.
We tried to step outside the square a little and invite makers who had not shown their "faces" too publicly to this point in time. The combination of ages, styles and produce was fantastic and we really thank all of the participants for their great feedback and patience and address those issues that were raised; we will finish EARLIER next time - Sunday JUNE 6.
We are now open to receiving expressions of interest from potential participants; and repeat offenders; we also received a lot of enquiries on the clipboard on Sunday and will address these as well.  just a reminder:,
Anyway here are a few pics; there will be more later in the week when I receive them from the photographer

more pics later.............

Saturday, March 27, 2010

the day before "M" day

well after being without internet access for a day I need to get busy. All's well and everything is (or soon will be) in place for our big day tomorrow - This morning Robyn Davies spoke to Chris Wisby!!! on ABC Radio National spreading the word to listeners, and in Friday's Mercury "On" there was a more publicity for us.
Wow I seem to be having a block for words to flow, but here's a list of participants to whet your appetite.  Hope the hall overflows with love and laughter.
BaristaSista,   Emily Snadden Design,   Nicole Collects,   Freckled Sparrow,   HiiRagi,   Loopee Design,   Ruby Victoria Letterpress and Printing,   One of a Kind,   Sweepy,   Quilting on the Edge,   Silver Nutmeg & a Golden Pear Design,   Create_If,   Sweet As,   Tasmanian Gourmet Biscuits,   Louise Gourlay Bags 'n Lamps,   Wrapt in the Far South,   The Bomb Squad,   Little Black Crow Studio,   The Fudge A'Fare,   Ark Metal,   Be Unique Beads,   Deana Stuart,   EraZistable,  Just Jude,   Revisited   and Treasures from my Nest 
so as you can imagine it is all going to be a feast for the eyes.....Look forward to seeing you all there.
Robyn, Jude, Lauren, Felicity and Suzi "Makers"Market Committee

Saturday, March 20, 2010

SIGNAGE - well, it was there yesterday!!!!!

and so it was; but then there are those that roam the streets thinking it might be fun to create a little havoc.  Today my hubby and I spent the day looking for signs that "had disappeared overnight" - hooray, there they were stashed in the bushes and tossed over the fence; ....two out of six aint bad......Robyn and Jacque placed one in front of our venue (PCYC) as it was a polling station for the State elections, and it caused a quite lot of interest.  Hopefully they wil stay put and "draw the crowds".  Hope everyone's geared up for what should be a great day.....Our "To Market To Market" article just down a little is a great article written by one of our own committee, Lauren Carpenter and really says it all.  I think all of the market events are a credit to the organisers and that people are starting to put two and two together and get a lot more pleasure from the "shopping experience"
Anyway, here's a look at all of our fantastic "makers"............spread the word

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One week to go

Everything is on track; posters and roadside signage are out there, and mini flyers being letterbox dropped daily..
Don't forget its Easter the week after our market, so it might be an idea to factor this into's just one image that gets the feeling across.

some words of wisdom

To Market To Market
"As we move further away from the craft laden days of the 50’s and 60’s, full of home sewing, knitting and crocheting, that simple phrase “wear that lovely something or other I made for you” has certainly lost its place and power over the last 40 years.
Are we now the poorer for the over supply of factory churned out fashion, accessories and giftware? We can’t answer the proffered question, but we do know there is a real and viable resurgence in home craft. Skills and craft activities that have survived the ruthless efficiency of the industrial revolution are back – products made by hand are being revisited.
In the adult playground of creative endeavour where ideas and outcomes are intensely personal, is it impossibly romantic to consider making by hand is not too innocent, too pastoral or even too slow to compete in this laptop and smart phone driven 21st century.
Could these hand/home made labels be a backlash against excess and sameness in modern consumerism? Why do people still make? Is it now that the rewards are as simple as a return to heart-work and love jobs as a reaction against big business and mass production?
These ideas are certainly up for discussion. However, if you want a different shopping experience, head out to one of Hobart’s burgeoning “makers markets” and simply choose – less over more, quality over quantity, individual over mass produced, but most importantly celebrate home-grown creative ideas and mix with women and men who are happy to make products just for you."

Friday, March 12, 2010

Where is March going................very quickly I think

Wow, I have just been looking at a heap of blogs and am blown away with the talent out there - makes me feel very much like the novice with what I'm doing here, as this is really a VERY simple blog by the standards that are being set, but there's lots of great imagery for you to look at. 
We have a full house on the 28th and are really excited with the new makers coming on board, think you'll find something to suit everyone....hope so anyway.  We also have BaristaSista coming along and as usual Anja sets a very high standard.  You'll spot flyers around in various venues - purple and green - very easy to spot them, and our signage goes up on Sunday arvo
Enjoy these images.......................more later

Thursday, March 4, 2010

a quarter the way through March!!!!!

Well, we're right on track with some wonderful makers coming on board, perhaps some that haven't been seen before and we hope will appeal to a variety of visitors on the 28th March - just reinforcing that date for your diary.
Here are some images to whet your appetite
and more